Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

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Black Grape 10pk
Peoples Worm 10pk
Bold Bluegill 10pk
Ehrler's Edge 10pk
Red Crawler 10pk
Mean Green 10pk
Desert Craw 10pk
Green Pumpkin Purple 10pk
Martens Madness 10pk
Morning Dawn 10pk
Morning Dawn Chartreuse 10pk
Hologram Shad 10pk
Bitchin' Craw
SXE Shad 10pk
Aaron's Magic 10pk
Oxblood Lt w/Red Flake 10pk
Watermelon Magic 10pk
Aaron's Morning Dawn 10pk
Prizm Shad
Green Weenie 10pk
New Ayu 10pk
Morning Dawn Hologram
Bait Ball 10pk
Green Neon Pumpkin 10pk
Tequila Sunrise 10pk
Orange Crusher 10pk
Margarita Mutilator 10pk
M.M. III 10pk
Folkstad Special
Plum Berry 10pk
Salt & Pepper Chartreuse
Baby Bass 10pk
Aaron's Magic Red & Blk 10pk
Oxblood Red Flake
Hologram Dawn
Morning Sunrise 10pk
June Bug Chartreuse 10pk
After Dark 10pk
Witches T 10pk
Pumpkin Punisher 10pk
Morning Dawn Red Flake 10pk
Aaron's Pro Shad 10pk
Baby Bluegill
Blue Crawler 10pk
M.M.III 10pk
Green Pumpkin Purple
Bait Ball
Blue Crawler
Morning Dawn Hologram 10pk
Prizm Shad 10pk
Oxblood Red Flake 10pk
Morning Dawn Halo
JN Semper Fi
Desert Craw
Aaron's Pro Magic 10pk
Chartreuse Magic 10pk
Peoples Worm
Orange Crusher
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The Roboworm Straight Tail Worms have become a staple for finesse fishing, harkening back to the days of the 'hand poured' finesse worms so popular on the West Coast more than a decade ago. The Straight Tail Worms are surprisingly effective, especially during the warmer months when fish pressure and boat traffic are at their peak. Roboworm uses state-of-the-art robotic technology (hence the name Robo-worm) to create consistent, well-defined colors every time. It also allows them to create unique color combinations, usually only found in 'hand poured' worms. The super soft plastic Strait Tail Worms end up having a very sensitive, alluring action complete with a Salt Release System that provides a burst of salt when a fish bites ' causing them to hold on longer for solid hooksets.