Bobby Garland Original Baby Shad

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Cherry Lime
Kiwi (Lam)
Purple Mist
Bone White/Chart(Lam)
Natural Cricket
Bayou Booger (Lam)
Shimer Shad
Dreamsicle Delight(Lam)
Ice Out
Blue Ice (Lam)
Sweet Tea w/Lemon
Diamond Mist
Mo' Glo Sunset
Mo Glo Green Lantern
Baby Bass(Lam)
Blue Thunder (Lam)
Key Lime Pie (Lam)
Black Night
Lights Out!
Blueback Shad
Mo' Glo Blue Ghost
Mo' Glo Outlaw Special
Mo Glo Shadow Glo
Chart-Black Pepper(Lam)
Crystal (Lam)
Double Silver Rainbow
Green Hornet(Lam)
Watermelon Wine(Lam)
Glitter Critter
Neon Prism
Mo' Glo Devils Grin
Licorice Chart Pearl
Bluegrass (Lam)
Vegas (Lam)
Purple Passion
Mo' Glo Ghost
Red/Chart Silver (Lam)
Electric Chicken (Lam)
Purple Monkey
Blood Minnow
Pearl White
Mo' Glo Electric Chick
Green Tomato
Blue Pearl (Lam)
Chart/Red Glitter(Lam)
Threadfin Shad
BBQ Chicken(Lam)
Full Moon
Chartreuse Silver
Mo' Glo Pink Phantom
Mo' Glo Sunrise
Bleeding Shad
Pink Pearl (Lam)
Baby Crawdad (Lam)
Black Gum
Opening Night (Lam)
Pearl Chartreuse
Mo' Glo Ghastly Minnow
Hologram Ghost (Lam)
Red Thunder
Hot Lips
Cajun Cricket
Albino Shad
Monkey Milk
Tuxedo Shimmer(Lam)
Live Minnow
Green Banana
Indigo Sky
Mud Dauber
Smoke Silver
Mo' Glo Twilight
Mo' Glo Screamer
Mo Glo Monkey Milk
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The original baby shad provides the perfect combination of a solid body and a thin spear tail for enticing crappie and other game fish. Try holding this bait and keeping the tail from dancing and you'll get a glimpse of the irresistible action that has made the baby shad a favorite through the years.