Rabid Rab Shad

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Precisely built to achieve a sweeping left-to-right hunting action when twitched or jerked, the Rabid Baits Rab Shad features a segmented fish-shaped body and fur-embedded tail that create a full-bodied baitfish profile. Poured with a belly slot to provide easy rigging with a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG style hook, the Rab Shad combines the versatility of a soft jerkbait with natural live-action hair that makes it perfect for use as a bladed jig, scrounger, or swim jig trailer. An ideal multi-species bait for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater applications, the tail of the Rab Shad is topped off with 1.5” of natural and biodegradable fox hair that quivers and moves with the slightest twitch of the rod tip. Loaded with salt for long casts, a faster sink rate, and ease of operability, the Rabid Baits Rab Shad has tapered cuts in the mid-section to accentuate its erratic action and is scent impregnated to make fish bite, hold on longer, and greatly improve your hook-up ratios. Proudly made in the USA!