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Zoom Z-Craw

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Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Red
Green Pumpkin Magic
Watermelon Red
Watermelon Seed
Red Shad
Okeechobee Craw
South Africa Special
Sapphire Blue
Watermelon Candy
Junebug Red
Alabama Craw
White Pearl
Watermelon Magic
California 420
Scuppernong Candy
Black Sapphire
Green Pumpkin Prp Gld
Pumpkin Spice
Watermelon Candy Red
Blueberry Candy
Green Pumpkin Blue
Electric Shad
Black Light
El Diablo
Red Bug
Green Pumpkin BlueFlash
Cinnamon Blue
Bourbon Blaze
Black Red Glitter
Candy Bug
MM Moonbug
Rootbeer Pepper Green
Plum Apple
PB & J
Fools Gold
Birthday Cake
Green Pumpkin Purple
Glitter Bomb
Spot On
Bull Bream
Smallmouth Magic
Moccasin Blue
Yabby Mudbug
Green Pumpkin Flash
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A true workhorse, the Zoom Z Craw delivers advanced versatility and universal attraction that works across a broad spectrum of techniques. Originally built for flipping, the Zoom Z Craw was quickly recognized as an outstanding jig trailer, an excellent addition to a chatterbait, as well as, a standout companion to a wobble jig. Designed with hook pockets on the top and bottom, the Zoom Z Craw provides streamlined rigging that is able to slip in-and-out of heavy cover with ease. Made to move plenty of water, the Zoom Z Craw features forward-facing ribs and two fluttering claws that waver with the slightest resistance, yet are subtle enough to remain believable in extra-cold water. Infused with a tasty dose of salt, the Zoom Z Craw provides universal effectiveness that will make it a familiar sight in tackleboxes and storage lockers everywhere.